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Consulting and Other Services

Our consulting services cover many areas.  Below are some of the key areas affecting small business IT systems.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Everyone has a backup system (if you don’t, please contact us urgently), but here are some very scary statistics.

    • 90% of businesses losing data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years. ¹
    • The survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%. ¹
    • Only 44% [of businesses] successfully recovered information after a recent data recovery event. ²
    • 53% of claimants never recoup the losses incurred by a disaster. ³

Are you properly protected in the event of a major disaster like a flood or fire?  Can your staff recover files they accidentally deleted or changed without expensive assistance? Do you regularly perform restore tests on your backup media, and have you tested recently to see whether you could recover from a full disaster?

We can design and manage a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, complete with an easy-to-follow Action Plan, tailored to your business needs and budget. Full offsite replication and 15-minute recovery time are possible with the right solution.  Contact us for a free assessment.

Security and Malware Threats

Want some more scary statistics?  In 2012 alone, there were:

    • More than 1.3 billion attacks via a malicious web site address
    • Over 100 million Trojans downloaded from the internet
    • Up to 7,000 new viruses released every month just for smartphones and tablets (99% targeting Android devices)
    • 130+ viruses released for the Macintosh platform
    • Almost 50 million Windows computers infected with viruses
    • Over 3 million new viruses and variants released into the wild

Source: “Kaspersky Security Bulletin for 2012″

To properly protect your network and your IT resources, you need a unified anti-virus and anti-spam system across all of your devices, including servers, Macintoshes and mobile devices, centrally managed with fully-featured alerting and reporting.  Consumer anti-virus products are not suitable for this task and don’t offer the same ease of deployment and configuration that a unified system designed for server-based network offers.

A hosted email scanning system for your incoming mail will eliminate 99% of spam and 100% of email-borne viruses.  It is an essential option for clients with their own mail servers (Exchange, Kerio, etc) whether on-premises or in the cloud.

We offer various total security options, including products and cloud services from Trend Micro, Kaspersky Labs, GFI, Symantec and AVG to secure your entire network from entry-point to end-point, and both Kaspersky and AVG can be integrated into a Managed Services plan.

Mobile Devices (BYOD)

Most small businesses don’t have the resources to provide smartphones or tablets for their staff, but allowing your staff to bring their own devices (known as BYOD) onto your network can be a huge security risk.  Passwords may become compromised and viruses can easily be spread onto your business network through the back door.

Benefits of adding your staff’s mobile devices to a managed service plan:

  • Secure their smartphone or tablet
  • Allow safe access to company network resources
  • User retains full access to their own device.
  • GPS can be used to locate lost devices (or lost staff members!)
  • Company email accounts and VPN connections can be configured remotely, with or without user intervention
  • Backup critical mobile data

Consulting and Major Projects

If you have a new server to migrate, or an application to deploy or upgrade, we can advise and assist with planning, costing and deployment.  Some of the major consulting projects we have undertaken include:

  • Server Migrations (Windows Server, SBS, Exchange, Kerio, SharePoint, SQL, Macintosh and Linux)
  • IP-based PBX and VoIP deployment and integration
  • Windows Desktop Migrations (for company-wide upgrades, new computers, etc)
  • Wireless Networks and Point-to-Point Wireless Link deployment
  • Workgroup Printer Consolidation (upgrading from individual inkjets to workgroup lasers, with huge cost savings)
  • NBN, Wireless Broadband and ADSL deployment and migration
  • Remote workplace access for mobile staff
  • Web security consulting


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Consulting services are not part of our fixed-fee structure, and are quoted on a per-job basis.  Day rates are available for larger consulting jobs.

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