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Whatever size your business, your data needs are going to grow. A server can help now and allow for future expansion as needed.

From a small home-based business needing simple file storage, to a 500-seat company requiring multiple terabytes of data with triple redundancy and off-site backup, we can tailor a server to your needs.

Servers for Small Business


Choosing the right server equipment is crucial, even for a micro-server used only for sharing files. You need hardware that is designed to run reliably 24/7 – desktop computers are just not designed for continuous use – and a centrally-managed secure user account system.


The next choice a small business can make is whether to host their services on the premises, or to use a cloud service.

The prime example is email – traditionally, Microsoft’s Small Business Server (SBS) included Exchange, an enterprise-class email, scheduling and contact management system, the server-side partner to Outlook.  However, Exchange 2007 & 2010 (bundled with SBS 2008 & 2011 respectively), were much more powerful, robust and scalable systems than previous versions, with much higher system requirement.  This would result in a huge increase in the cost of server hardware compared to SBS 2003 with Exchange 2003

Alternatives to on-premises Exchange include

  • On-premises Kerio Connect (very low requirements vs Exchange)
  • Hosted Exchange (from 3rd party)
  • Exchange Online with Office 365 (from Microsoft with Telstra)
  • Alternative cloud service (Kerio Online, Google Mail for Business, etc)

All of the above result in a lower hardware and maintenance costs for the server, and a relatively low cost of software licensing.

Other Services

Other services to consider moving off-site and into the cloud include:

  • SharePoint and other Online Social Collaboration Tools
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools
  • Accounting and Credit Management Software
  • Job Booking and Time Management Tools

We can assist with setting up the above either on your own server, or using a cloud service.  We can consider the pros and cons of the cloud relevant to your business, and give you sound advice on the implications of cloud services for your specific industry.

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